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  • The Student Visa program is visa that allows the holder to study, live and work in Australia while you are undertaking your studies.
  • To be eligible for a Student visa you must have a minimum level of English, satisfy the requirements of the education provider, have a confirmation of enrolment with an approved and registered Australian education provider and sufficient funds to pay fees and living costs .
  • In order to assist you in deciding whether you wish to study in Australia we need to gather some details from you about yourself, your past studies, the education Field in which you wish to study and level you want to achieve.
  • We can help you enrol in an appropriate course, choose the right visa for you and provide services in Australia on arrival while you are studying including job advice and assistance. There are then a number of options for you to work in Australia either on a temporary or permanent
  • basis after you complete your studies with which we can help.
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