About Student Visas

Student visas are temporary visas that allow people who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents to live, work and study in Australia for a specified period at an approved Australian Educational Institution.

Why Study in Australia

  • Work in Australia for 18 months after graduation.
  • Australia is the 3rd most popular student destination in the world.
  • Australia’s University system is ranked No 1 for diversity ahead of USA and UK.
  • Australian Universities are in the top 50 in 6 study areas;
  • 5 out of the top 30 best student cities are Australian
  • Australia has world class 39 Universities, and 60 Vocational institutions
  • 15 Nobel Prize winners have been produced by Australia’s Education System
  • Australia offers Pathways to Higher Education thru Foundation Courses
  • Australia exchange rate makes a quality education affordable
  • Quality Assurance and Student protection provided by government
  • Most campuses are multicultural with 50 or more nationalities.
  • Australia has a high quality lifestyle, perfect weather, and a high student population

Student Visa Benefits

  • Live and study in Australia temporarily, for the duration of the course
  • Work up to 40 hours per fortnight while your course is in session
  • Work unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks
  • Family members may also work in some cases
  • You may apply for a temporary work visa after completing the approved course

Choose The Right Visa

To find out which Student Visa is right you, we recommend that you consult with one of our Registered Migration Agents.

We can advise you regarding your eligibility for a Student Visa and help you decide which Student Visa is most suitable for you. If you chose an inappropriate visa category your application may be refused.


The Australian visa system can be confusing and overwhelming at times. To make the process easier to understand and simple we have broken the process into 6 key steps so that you can see your progress and know where you are at any time.

The process allows us to understand your needs, identify potential issues, develop a strategy customised to your needs and circumstances, and provide you with the most effective plan at the lowest cost.

Student Visa Options

There are a number of visa options which may allow you to live and work in Australia at the conclusion of your study including Temporary and Permanent visas.

There are eight types of visas categorised by the type of study you intend undertaking.

Independent ELICOS Sector Visa (subclass 570):
Full-time English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS). Non-award English Language Course stand-alone course.
Schools Sector Visa (subclass 571):
Full-time school course. Primary or secondary school, and approved secondary exchange programs
Vocational Education and Training Sector visa (subclass 572):
Full-time vocational education and training course. Certificate I, II, III & IV; Diploma; Advanced Diploma, Vocational Graduate Certificate
Higher Education Sector Visa (subclass 573):
Full-time higher education course. Masters or Bachelor Degree; Graduate or Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate;
Postgraduate Research Sector visa (subclass 574):
Postgraduate research. Master’s Degree by research or Doctoral Degree.
Non Award Sector visa (subclass 575):
Full-time: non-award foundation studies course or part of a course Non-award foundation studies; other full-time courses or components of courses .
AusAID or Defence Sector visa (subclass 576):
International student sponsored by AusAID or the Department of Defence
Student Guardian visa (subclass 580):
Guardian of a student younger than 18 years of age studying in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria

We can advise you regarding your eligibility for a Skilled Visa and help you decide which Visa is most suitable for you.

Eligibility for a student visa is based on:

  • Application appropriate to the principal course of study
  • Confirmation of enrolment by an approved Educational Institution
  • Providing evidence of being a genuine student
  • Education provider requirements:
    • English language proficiency
    • Educational qualifications
  • Intention to comply with any conditions of the visa
  • Satisfying the financial criteria
  • The applicant will need sufficient funds to meet:
    • fees charged by the education provider
    • expenses to support your stay in Australia;
    • expenses to support your family (if any) in Australia
  • Few age restrictions, except to assess if you are genuine
  • You must meet character and health requirements

Visa Refusal Rates

It is almost impossible for an untrained individual to understand Australia migration regulations, let alone keep up with the constant in migration law.

  • Over 4,000 visas have been refused under a new regulation, Criterion 4020, based on false or misleading information or bogus documents being submitted with a visa application.
  • 78 % of Skilled visa applications submitted by individuals without the assistance of Registered Migration Agent are incomplete, and missing critical evidence, information and documents, resulting in significant delays in processing and approval, and in many cases, refusal of the visa application.
  • Refusal rates of 12.5 % for student visas for the 3 months ended 31 December 2013 have been recorded for some leading countries in the Asian region.

Over 60,000 visa holders overstay their visa

This is due to the fact that there are over 60,000 people in Australia who deliberately stay after their visa expires, and are then considered to be unlawful.

One of the main criteria under which temporary visas, such as student visas, are refused is due to the case officer concluding that the applicant is not a “Genuine Temporary Entrant”

Avoid A Refusal

It is becoming increasingly common to find applicants being questioned and interviewed as part of the assessment of student visa applications.

Ultimately the onus is on the applicant and their agent to:

  • Present a case that logically addresses these matters and therefore
  • Satisfactorily explains why they are choosing to study the course they have applied for

How we can help you

There are many requirements which you must comply with before you will be granted a Student Visa.

  • While you can apply independently or thru your education agent,
  • The risk of a visa refusal can be high unless you use a Registered Migration Agent (RMA)
  • RMAs are registered with the Australian Government
  • The registration authority is Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)
  • Education agents
    • Are not registered with MARA
    • Do not understand the complexities of Australian Migration Law
    • Are not bound by a compulsory Code of Conduct
    • Are not accountable to the Australian Government
    • Often make mistakes, which may result in your visa refusal

Contact Careers Migration Australia to speak to one of our staff to ensure you do not breaching any of the Immigration laws and regulations We can also advise you on:

  • Your work rights,
  • Whether you can bring your family,
  • Healthcare requirements,
  • How you can extend your stay in Australia, and
  • Even appeal visa refusals on your behalf.


Start your application today and let us guide you

Key issues

The key issues when applying for a student visa include;

Evidence of being a genuine temporary entrant

In recent times assessment of the student on the basis of intending to stay to stay in Australia temporarily, has become a major criterion for Department of Immigration case officers when assessing student visa applications.

Factors considered relevant include;

  • Is your agent a Registered Migration Agent in Australia?
  • Applicants career history
  • Applicants Intended course of study
  • Family support and ties in;
    • Home country
    • Australia
  • Incentive to return to country of origin
  • Applicants immigration history
  • History of the selected education provider
  • Level of research undertaken by student into;
    • Course of study
    • Living arrangements
    • Job prospects
    • Future study pathways
CHOOSING YOUR VISA CAN BE COMPLICATEDStart your application today and let us guide youGET STARTED

Evidence of funds

The case officer has to be satisfied that the applicant has sufficient funds to meet the costs and expenses required to support themselves during their proposed stay and to support any member of their family unit.

The key questions to be answered include;

  • Can the applicant afford the:
    • proposed educational provider fees
    • living costs
    • travel costs
  • Can the applicant access the proposed funds when required
  • Do they have the required funds for their family members
    • Remaining in the home country
    • Traveling to Australia
  • Evidence of the funds, where they are held and are they available to the student

Our registered migration agents can help you ensure you provide the appropriate evidence for the funds and their accessibility, as are well aware of what will satisfy the case officers.

CHOOSING YOUR VISA CAN BE COMPLICATEDStart your application today and let us guide youGET STARTED

Welfare requirements for applicants under 18

All student applicants under 18 must provide evidence of;

  • Accommodation and welfare arrangements
  • Character requirements of nominated relatives, carers
  • Requirements relating to who can accompany the applicant to Australia
  • Eligibility of family unit members
  • Conditions of visa relating to guardians/family unit members

Who can and cannot apply for a student visa?

There complicated regulations about who can and who cannot apply for a student visa.

In some cases refusal can result from an inappropriate student visa application, either from outside Australia on from an applicant in Australia.

It is best to consult out experienced registered Migration Agents who understand the complicated regulations.

CHOOSING YOUR VISA CAN BE COMPLICATEDStart your application today and let us guide youGET STARTED

Eligible family members

Our experienced Registered Migration Agents can advise you family members:
  • Which members of the family unit are eligible
  • Lower risk countries are eligible for student dependants
  • Higher risk countries have conditions attached to issuing visas to family members
  • if you can establish compelling and compassionate circumstances
  • Irrespective of eligibility all family members must be disclosed
  • Failure to do so can result in unintended consequences

Visa Extensions

Our experience has shown that many students lose their Student Visas by not complying with their visa conditions.
  • It is important to be aware of the expiry date
  • You must either depart Australia before it expires, or
  • Lodge a new visa application
  • If you do not have a restriction on your current student visa

We can help you extend your stay under any one of these options by lodging an application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on your behalf. Contact us to speak to one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents who can advise you on the best option for you.

CHOOSING YOUR VISA CAN BE COMPLICATEDStart your application today and let us guide youGET STARTED

Applying for further student visas in Australia

Once you are the holder of a student visa, it is possible to apply for a further student visa –
  • To change the conditions
  • To apply for an extension of the visa without leaving Australia
  • There are strict time limits that apply depending on the circumstances
  • If not adhered to refusal or a bar from further applications can result

Visa conditions

What are your work rights? Visa holders are not permitted to work:
  • More than 40 hours a fortnight while the course in session
  • When not in session they can work unrestricted hours
  • Family members are restricted to 40 hours per fortnight at all times while in Australia

Satisfy enrolment, attendance and course requirements

It is vital for compliance with condition 8202 that students:
  • Maintain enrol¬ment and continue to satisfy their course requirements
  • If a student breaches this condition their visa is likely to be cancelled
  • Students should not rely on the advice education providers
  • Non-compliance can create mandatory visa cancellation proceedings.

Changing courses and education providers

If a student wants to change to a different course, at a different level of qualification
  • they may need to apply for a new visa

You should consult us as failure to comply with the regulations may result in cancellation of your visa

CHOOSING YOUR VISA CAN BE COMPLICATEDStart your application today and let us guide youGET STARTED

No further stay conditions

These conditions operate so that if either of the conditions is attached to a student visa no further valid application for a substantive visa (other than those allowed by the conditions) can be made while the student remains in Australia unless the condition is waived

Health cover

It is a requirement for the grant of student visa that
  • You have approved health insurance
  • You may have access to Medicare through reciprocal health agreement
  • Reciprocal arrangements are only designed to cover emergency health cover

Visa Cancellations

Student visas can be cancelled when one or more of several situations arise. These include situations
  • When the student no longer have adequate funds to support their stay,
  • The education provider has reported that the student breached their conditions, or
  • Where the student has worked more than the allowed number of hours

If your visa has been automatically cancelled, you will become unlawful. You need to speak to one of our Experienced Registered Migration Agents as soon as possible to discuss your visa status.

  • You may be barred from applying for various types of visas while in Australia and
  • May be subject to a three year exclusion period (re-entry ban) that
  • May affect their ability to be granted a further temporary visa.

We can help you request a revocation of the cancellation and apply for a bridging visa if necessary to prevent you from becoming an unlawful citizen.

Visa Appeals

Migration Review Tribunal

If your Student Visa has been refused, you may be able to lodge an application for:

  • Review to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT).

Ministerial Intervention

If you have been refused by the MRT you may lodge a request to the Ministerial for Immigration to intervene in your case where

  • There are compelling and compassionate circumstances in your case
  • You may apply for a Bridging visa and seek permission to work
  • You may be eligible to apply for Medicare.

Federal Court of Australia

If you have been refused by the MRT you may lodge an appeal to the Federal Magistrates Court or the Federal Court where a legal error has been found to exist.

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our simple 4 step process

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We follow a simple 4 step disciplined process ensuring we choose the right visa for you, support this with accurate documentation and strongly represent your position with the Immigration authorities, to give you best possible chance of success.
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