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After receiving this information we may need to call you to clarify some of your answers.

Once we have completed your assessment we will send this to you. Migration to Australia involves these key steps:

Our 6 Step Process

The Australian visa system can be confusing and overwhelming at times. To make the process easier to understand and simple we have broken the process into 6 key steps so that you can see your progress and know where you are at any time.

The process allows us to understand your needs, identify potential issues, develop a strategy customised to your needs and circumstances, and provide you with the most effective plan at the lowest cost.

Step 1: Register your interest icon_6step.process1

Name, phone no, email address. area of interest.

Step 2: Tell us more about yourself icon_6step.process1

We need to understand your needs and eligibility.

Step 3: Free assessment

We assess your qualifications and discover the visa that suits you and your circumstances

Step 4: Written advice

We will send you our written recommendation with the cost agreement if appropriate. We will call you to discuss our advise and quote with a view to enable you to make a decision and sign cost agreement

Step 5: Cost estimate

We estimate all your associated costs, visa fees, and our fee and provide a payment plan and your rights and responsibilities

Step 6: Prepare application & submit

A checklist of documents, evidence, forms and key dates is sent to you to start the application process.

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